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Baaghi 3 Review

Baaghi 3 review

Meet ronnie(tiger shroff) a handsome hunk, six pack, rippling muscles and a chiseled face whose only job is to save their elder brother vikram whenever he is in trouble. Whenever vikram is in any trouble, ronnie magically appears from thin air. Ronnie thought, he will bash up the bad guys to a pulp and go back to minding his own business. But suddenly a new twist comes in the movie; vikram is kidnapped by one terrorist group that is known as jaish e lashkar in syria. After the kidnapping, ronnie sets off on a rescue mission of his elder brother. It is great to see how ronnie enters in the intense zone successfully but at the same time it quite vulnerable.

Baaghi 3 movie Review
Baaghi 3 movie review –

Director ahmed khan put or thrown every trick to make baaghi 3 full of action and entertainment. Every small element of the movie highlights his brute force and deadly machismo of a leading man. Tiger shroff, who is clearly one of the most bankable action stars of bollywood. He always delivers a knockout blow in the high otane action scene and action movies. His perfect body and attitude make all action real and look all action stylish. However, in the movie, you will see some emotional and comedy scenes.

The character of the shraddha kapoor is not essential to the story and she looks glam and because of her the first half of the movie looks some good comic and entertainment. The character of shraddha is not so much important hence she does not so much scope to perform.

On the other hand, riteish deshmukh has a crucial role but there is no explanation about why he acts like a slow man child and why he needs to protection. Ronnie all time protects riteish deshmukh but after that, he recruited as a police officer despite being so vulnerable, it is bluffing to see. However, i movie there are many loose ends in the story that make it far less convincing.

Baaghi 3 movie Review
Baaghi 3 movie Review

The movie song is average but thankfully there are no so many songs in movies. While the syrian setting brings in a terrifying feeling. The many villains are far too caricaturish to be taken seriously but rather than the main villain abu jalal(jameel khoury). The main villain’s performance is chilling. The dialogues told by farhad samji are laced with low brow humor in the first half of the movie and adequately filmy in the second half. The baaghi 3 is best rather than baaghi 2 in terms of actions.

In the movie, there are ample of slo-mo shots, lethal punches, and deafening explosions. But not action and romance make movies strong if the script is weak. If you are the biggest fan of tiger shroff so you can go to the movie. However, the movie is quite entertaining, romance and full on action. The action of the tiger shroff is an eye catching and people fan of his action. Many things and parts in the movie are not realistic and the action is too much unnecessary.



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